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At TechSource, we’ve built our name and reputation one client at a time.  As a small business ourselves, we definitely can appreciate the need to secure reliable vendors and there is nothing more important when it comes to servicing the very engine that drives most businesses…technology.

IT Help Is A Phone Call AwayOur “keep it simple” approach is a surprise to many first time customers.  They expect the hard sell and a lot of techno-speak.  The fact is you don’t have to spend a fortune to build a solid, reliable and redundant technology solution.  All you need is a reasonable budget and a provider who knows how to work within that budget by maximizing each dollar.  This is what we do and we like to think we do it pretty well.

The initial consultation is always complimentary.  We want you to get to know us and we need to get to know your business.  Where do you want to be next year…in five or ten years?  This enables us to provide a technology solution that grows with you.

At TechSource, we’ve built our name and reputation one client at a time.

Best of all, we will never ask you to sign a contract.  Our quotes are very informal but are always “not to exceed” so you know exactly where you stand ahead of time.  Also, by having almost no overhead, we keep our prices and hourly rates on the low side of the industry standard.  Please refer to our FAQ's for more information on our billing policies.

Computer and Network Services:
  • Local Area Network design, installation and configuration
  • VPN and remote access
  • High speed Internet access and connection sharing
  • System migration and upgrades
  • Operating system and application upgrades
  • Network and stand alone PC security
  • Data backup, archiving and disaster recovery
  • Anti-virus protection and firewalls
  • Peer-to-peer and domain based networks
  • Security audits to find vulnerabilities


Software and Hardware:

  • Dell®, HP®, Toshiba®, Sony®, Gateway®,
    D-Link®, Linksys® and more…
  • RAID disk drive configurations for data redundancy
  • Secure local area wireless technology
  • Mobile WAN true wireless Internet connectivity
  • PDA ,tablet PCs and UMPC’s
  • Microsoft Windows 2000,® XP® and Vista ®
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server,®
    Server 2003,® and Server 2008®.
  • Microsoft Office®  XP, 2003 and 2007
    QuickBooks® and Adobe Acrobat®
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