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Its obvious TechSource is an IT provider but more than that we are a company that is dedicated to its customers.  We built our reputation through word of mouth and customer referrals and we just think that’s the right attitude to have.

If you prefer a vendor that employees several “techs” and sends a different one to your office each time, then we’re going to take a little getting used to.  For some in our industry size matters but for us it comes down to personalized customer service. 

We would rather keep our business small and service a select number of clients.  For the customer, we think that’s a huge benefit.

You know that when you call with a question or a problem, the person who designed, configured and installed your system is on the other end of the phone.

Many times we are asked how we define a small or medium sized business.  Numbers don’t really matter.  It really comes down to this…TechSource services those businesses that are too small to employee a full time IT staff yet are too large to not have access to a full time, reliable technology partner.  Whether your business is based out of a home office or you have 50 users in a commercial office, TechSource is the solution to all of your computer, network and software needs.


Computers, networks and software services are our full time job.  We find many times consultants who specialize in smaller businesses do so as their “side” job.

Your business needs and deserves the services of a full time consultant who is in it for the long haul.  We’re not going anywhere and we pride ourselves on the long lasting relationships we develop with each customer.


What A Client Says About Us:

Prompt and Friendly service, with extreme attention to detail.  What I really enjoy about working with TechSource is, when there are any issue we are given options to correct or enhance our services.  TechSource has very competitive pricing and the personal service we receive is unmatched in the IT service industry.

Jon D. Filson
Filsons REAS, Inc.
Atlanta, GA

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